Feel the Glow

Introducing Gush Seltzer

Lime Seltzer

Ditch the booze, not the buzz.

Our hemp-derived, cannabis-infused seltzer replaces the alcohol in your favorite drinks with a buzz you can feel good about.

Only 5 Calories

Zero Sugar

No Hangover

Fast & Predictable Onset


Farm Bill Compliant*

Drinking Gush provided me with a sense of confidence, creativity, and a passion for life. I finally found the right beverage to be sociable, yet relaxed… with no hangover the next day!

A brand for the modern seltzer drinker.

A sophisticated product that’s anything but predictable. Our flavors are crisp and clean, our branding bold and fresh—and with 1mg of hemp-derived delta 9 THC per can, our buzz is light enough to have another.